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DJO began in 1978 as a small company founded in a garage in Carlsbad, California by the Philadelphia Eagles'  offensive line captain, Mark Nordquist and a local lawyer, Ken Reed. Together they named their new company, DonJoy after their wives, Donna and Joy. The first braces of DonJoy were simple support sleeves constructed of neoprene pieces stitched together and pulled over the knee, ankle and elbow joints. 

From these humble beginnings DonJoy, now named DJO, continues to be a global leader in the development and supply of orthopaedic bracing and supports. With trusted brands such as Aircast, DonJoy, Exos and Procare, DJO offers a broad range of bracing types that can help patients recover after injury or surgery, provide confidence in getting back to work, offer extra support for their sporting or recreational activities, or help reduce pain as part of the patient's overall management and recovery. 

The Bracing Review has been put together to help the experienced clinician complement their current practices.  It has also been designed to help clinicians, who are new to the bracing journey learn about some of DJO's more popular bracing options, how to select the correct brace, offer reasoning behind this selection and give fitting tips to help optimise the brace fit. Ideally our aim is to help you improve your patient's rehabilitation and recovery outcomes. 

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